Wednesday, August 30, 2006

All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost....

Or they say in Hindi:
Laut ke buddhu ghar ko aaye

After months of ennui and trying out different names for my blog, I return to this blog address for good.

Few of my exploits:
Crab Mentality
Life Universe & Everything
Same Difference (This poor thing never saw the light of the day... R.I.P. )

Alrite, I know me not that creative but who says blogging is being all creative.
As one mobile serivces company urges "Express Yourself"

I may be changing the look and feel of this blog but trying to get the contents going for this blog.

Till then,
Have fun,


Tina said...

I wish u express yourself
more regularly.
Anyways its atleast a good start.

Raoul said...

Just to let you know that I'm adding you on to my blogroll. Just that little added incentive to keep this humbug (err... I mean humblog) going. A little pressure never hurt anyone now, did it? Did it?

Charu said...

Yup, write, write. You write well, you should write more. Remeber those emails you used to send out to the whole gang once a year or so - you should continue that - only more frequently and at the blog thing..

Is there someway of knowing when someone has added some more to his blog?

Love to Tina.