Monday, April 28, 2008

The start-up

Life is like a start-up. You start off with something in mind but end up doing something totally different as the market (read life) dictates.

I had a plan, a perfect model for my life which was suppose to reveal on its own. As a kid, wanted to be in army and then wanted to be an electronics engineer with a short spell in the middle where I wanted to be a chemical engineer and eventually ended up doing electrical engineering. Then wanted to study but worked for some time. But then I did study computer engineering with seed funding from my family.

Followed my heart to do nothing and did precisely just that. Finally started working for reasons best known to me (or not) and then went on to join a start-up for again the same reasons as above.

I am slowly inching my way from red to black. The RoI is still to be recovered and break even is far off. When will I make it to getting listed in the history remains to be seen. Because it was never a question of whether I will but when.


raoul said...

I am slowly inching my way from red to black

When you get to fuschia, sell.

Vishesh Agrawal said...

What, maan, you come up with this kompdicated names to make my life more colorful than it is.

I am a 1-bit RGB processor.
No Fuschia, no Gray, Only Black & White.
No sell maadi, Mind it.