Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Vote Populi

I can't be blogging right now. I am voting for Sanjaya if the following theory is to be believed.

American Idol: Are Indian call centers skewing the vote ?

Indians are known for voting the worst of the lot. Always.
Take the case of the MLAs and MPs, the BCCI selectors voting for the Indian Cricket team (alright, this one was below the belt, I apologize), the indian franchise of the "Idol" or who can forget the desi version with Qazi Tauqeer winning Fame Gurukul. Gasp.
Now you know now why Shilpa won the Big Brother, for that matter.

Folks, this is just the beginning, after the "Idol' we may even vote for the next President. No not of India, we want Amitabh to be the president of US of A.
USA - The Uttam State of Amitabh or Allahabad, worse Amar. Take your pick and call me.
Though the lines are busy as I am voting for Sanjaya.

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