Tuesday, April 03, 2007

All in the day

The other day, I went to Crosswords and bought Po Bronson's Why do I love these people ? (The name may sound cheesy, but the book is not. More on the book some time later.) When I came out of the book store, a 5 or 6 year old kid stopped my way.

Saahab, Can I polish these shoes.

These were suedes, I told him, the usual polish wax won't work on these shoes. Never to give up so easily, he said at least I can get them brushed. Somehow I relented, one of the reason that I attribute is, he did not try emotional black mail on me but only sold his skills.

How much will it cost ?
Pay as per your will.
5 is good ?
If I get the shoe box, I can carry all the wax and brush along with me and earn more money. It will cost 120 rupees.
What's your name ?
Ok ? You work in this area all the time?
Where is the shop that sells the shoe-box?
Its near the railway station.
Vijay, not today, but one of these days, I will buy it for you.


While driving back to office, a van with school kids over took me. While it was beside my two-wheeler, someone threw out a stone. No,that was just for the effect, in fact, it was a ball made out of crumpled paper. It was enough to startle me and break my reverie. I was suppose to take the next left and I was thinking I should go and yell at the kid. The van raced ahead and one head poked out of the window and looked at me. Was it guilt or was it relief that he did not get caught ?. I am not a good face reader. I took my left turn.


It's worse than Sahara in Ahmedabad this summer. Though I have never been to Sahara, neither have I travelled with Air Sahara but that's beside the point. The point is, it's worse than Sahara in Ahmedabad.
So at work-place we had a power cut. May be due to over-load or may be somebody tired of working tripped the circuit-breaker but that's beside the point. The point is, there was a power cut.

Few of my co-workers and me landed up in the lounge and we were cribbing about the Great Indian Robbery where 1 billion were robbed of their cricket dream and some more nationalistic issues that may or may not have included Rakhi Sawant. Suddenly, the Sage spoke : "You know, the best thing we can do right now is to serve chilled water to those people out there". Everyone looked at the direction that he was indicating. Now, we are on the 4th floor and we have long corridors with glass windows on one side and halls having Dilbert-ish cubicles on the other side. The corridor broadens up near the lounge where we have couches. So the view through the glass windows had the top floor of a building being brought down by few labourers.

There was a silence that lasted a second longer. I said
We do not have enough water to serve them.
We can buy a 20-liter bottle.
Another period of silence.

Do you really want to do it.
Actually, no, the building seems far. And we will have to take it to the top floor.
Umm ok.

A customary silence where the intention was acknowledged.
We revert to pressing national issues which at that moment of time required our undivided attention.


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Harshal said...

that shoe polish incident happened with me too, actually twice, once I bought food for that kid and once I gave him 10bucks, and we got to take that water at least once, how about next week, dreams, ideas if not converted to action then everything you think or say is useless.