Monday, March 26, 2007

Remember why he died....

Is it a new beginning, I wonder ( I am not talking about cricket, not yet.) Or is it a continuum of the last year's legal break through in Jessica Lal's case. Some sixteen months ago, he was murdered by the oil mafia and today the district court ordered death penalty for the prime accused and life-terms for the rest of the accomplices.

But its not over till its over. Its too early to celebrate justice. This is just the district court, the defendants will go to High Court or may be till Supreme court. The public memory is too short, the vision is short-sighted. Its not about one killer. Its about the fight against crime.
The idea is to keep the momentum going against the culprits. The key is to never let go hope. Like in another case, the verdict is still open on Satyendra Dubey's murder trial.

Its about remembering why Manjunath died [1].

On this, I urge you to read this wonderful essay "The Banality of Heroism" via Guy Kawasaki's post.

[1] The statement is inspired from a quote in the movie "300".

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