Friday, March 02, 2007

The new Crorepati

I think the new KBC is super cool. SRK is doing a fantastic job. He is being flippant, witty, smart ass, goofy, charming and a good host all in one. Loved the episode with the Gujju cool dude from Vapi and the more recent one, the nerdy contestant from Baroda. He kind of reminds me of my cousin (and not because he won a lot of money). It was funny expression when he took the barfi. Well, on barfi, a honourable mention on few good things one sacrifices to remain a mere mortal. Its a matter of different posting which I will duly write in my own sweet time.

For those who have not seen the promotional song video, you can watch it here !
O & M did a fantastic job with the teaser videos and the punch line:
Kuch sawaal zindagi badal sakte hain ? Aapki zindagi kis sawaal se badlegi ?

I don't know who did it for KBC 2. The ummeed se dugna tag line was quite catchy too.

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