Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Punter-Man

It happened yesterday again, I predicted Pakistan are going to win the opener against the Windies. And as usual, the predictions were wrong. Actually, I see a trend in these.
Lets take a step back,
I predicted France are going to win the FIFA'06 and yeah they were winning till a bald man ended up being a bull in the china shop. His maata was never raazi for this behaviour.

I wonder what does Sehwag's maata would say now, beta, have some milk instead of andaa...

Andaa matlab Virendra Sehwag, or is it Virendra "anda" Sehwag ?

And yeah, before France lost out in the final, many teams fell pray to my innocuous predictions. Of course, the only man who could resist the wrath of my prediction is a certain Mr Federer. (Just for the record, I did not know he was playing in the Pacific Life Open that he lost).

I have also a very consitent track record when India went to the carribeans and to SA last year. Whenever I said let there be a win, It was a win alright but for the other team.

So there, next time if you want to bet your money, you know whom to ask.

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I am happy that the lazy period is