Friday, March 02, 2007

Just watch it....

Loved the new Nike ad. Expectedly, it rocks ! Nike aur pooch pooch !

I think its a first for them with the cricket theme in India.
At least some activity in the media associated with the World cup.
I am surprised that no theme song or other ads have been unleashed in the Indian media yet.
Where are Pepsi and Coke ? Buried deep inside the earth with pesticides.

Boringly, the news channels keep harping on the jaded song,
"Sunoh gaur se duniya waalon....."
Nobody is listening, yaar. Its old and dead and I want a new anthem.
And no, I don't want those patriotic jingoistic songs which make cricket look more like crusader's war rather than game about the spirit of human triumph.

Nobody listens when I say ....... Cos I don't say it loud enough. Or everybody is shouting themselves hoarse....

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Raoul said...

Oh my! So many updates. It must be Christmas. Or holi. Or something.