Monday, March 19, 2007

Who ? India ? Ha-ah !

As Indian love numbers and calculations, we have got ourselves into situation where an Einstein or a Ramanujan will thrive. Instead of playing with ball and the bat, we now have to deal with statistics and permutations and combinations. The way Bangladeshi iceberg rocked the Indian titanic (to borrow the cliche, its just a tip of the iceberg) I wouldn't be surprise that Bangla tigers upset the Lankans. (Well, I hope they do that, for India's sake.).

India, umm, I think we have an outside chance to claw our way back into Super 8. The best and the only thing that India can do is to beat the hell out of Lankans and Bermuda. Keeping my fingers crossed and hopes high. To give a positive spin, if Indians are good enough to claim the cup, then they should be able to come out of this precarious situation.

Well, I don't think only Sehwag is the match ka mujrim[1], but the guy does not get it, does he ? With his form as dead as the willow itself, why do we have him in the team ? Pathan can bat better than him and you know what, he can bowl too. I am sure the Indian think-(s)tank knows better than me, but Sachin should open for India instead of getting strait-jacketed at No. 4.

Lastly, the so-called fans of Indian cricket team vandalizing Dhoni's house in Ranchi and claiming that they have been betrayed, it's so sick that it's amusing. I think the Indian cricket team should stop playing for such lunatics[2]. No doubt, my mom had predicted the bad things happens when one just plays and does not study. Imagine Dhoni going into Silicon Valley and screwing up one of the projects, at least his house would have been safe.

In the other group, the Pakis have lost it completely. This must be one of the most humiliating exits for them in the recent tournaments. They not only lost the race for the World Cup but the cricket fraternity lost Woolmer. He died apparently in mysterious circumstances lending fuel to many conspiracy theories. For his sake, Pakistan should win their last group match.

[1] A very pathetic and puking coverage by Star News.
[2] Don't ask me how can they play only for true fans and not for the rest. It was just a rant.


tina said...

Now as you seem to write regularly
(though I hope the lazy period phase never comes) I promise to read it regularly.

I likes this one :)

Raoul said...

Pathan may be a better bat than Sehwag at the moment, but he can't bowl for nuts (or raisins for that matter).

As for Tendulkar, the less said the better.