Wednesday, March 14, 2007

An insect called cricket

Yeah, cricket is a kida which is going to bite the blue billion for next one month at least and we are going to nibble our way to super 8 for sure.[1][2][3]
Don't know about the semis and the World Cup swansong of the awesome foursome.

Google came out with Cricket World Cup logo. Nike came out with a $99 (I am freakin' speechless) t-shirt. What were they thinking ?

Ladega toh Jeetega
, is the new Pepsi Ad. Lame. Starts off nicely, then chugs down dead slow on the tracks. (Literally !). The bit that stands out - Sehwag getting almost lynched in the ad. Was it reality TV, I wonder ?

(On a side note, Coke has an equally lousy ad with Aamir Khan but its got nothing to do with cricket except Aamir played in Awwal Number (a must-watch) and Lagaan).

Yeah, just noticed Harsha Bhogle in one of the songs in the forthcoming flick "Hat Trick". He was with Nana Patekar, Danny, Paresh Rawal. What do I say more ?

[1] A 'word' from geeks, they love 'bites' and 'nibbles'.
[2] Hopefully reaching super 8 should not be difficult. Its Bermuda that is scaring me.
[3] Finally, I did my first footnote. Yipee !.

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