Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hurt of a Nation

The people are so touchy these days. They are so sensitive and emotional.

So one BJP leader gets hurt by the painting of Lalit Kala Akademi award winner and a student in MSU Fine Arts.
Some MLA in Maharashtra is hurt that Buddha is in the bathroom. Of Rakhi Sawant, no less to get things straight. How dare one put God and Rakhi Sawant in the same room? Have pity on God, at least.

It wasn't only the Big Brother who felt the heat for the most famous lip-lock in the Indian history since Vatsayan days which happened between a Buddha follower and
apni Shilpa. Ek Gere aadmi ke saath...Iissssh ! And damn, one will be hurt when somebody Murthy decides that its OK to play the music of the anthem rather than singing it hoarsely. What would happen to so many budding Himeshes who thought Murthy was their Indian Idol ? How dumb Murthy was that he did not know that even a mute person has to compulsorily sing the anthem to show that she cares for the country ?

Of course, Mr Satya Paul did not know that Pallu of the saree can only have the Indian flag not the knee-jerk creativity he showed. How dare he ? To give the credit, he made sure that if not India then some other nation would have got offended with all flag saree for Ms Noodle Straps. 2 minutes it took for her getting vocally flogged. Set. Max. Go. But some people never learn so Ms Bedi goes a step back this time and puts a tatoo of a Sikh symbol on her back. How regressive ! Kuch to sikho Ms Bedi. You should have taken the thing up front instead. How spine less of you to enrage someone's feeling back-to-back.

So it continues, these people are working harder so that the rest of us can express our sentiments and emotions.
Who says that world is being indifferent and zombie-like ? Now, I am hurt too. Let me sulk. Not in the corner, Right in front of the world. I want my 15 minutes of shame.

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