Monday, May 14, 2007

Vent of Paint-up emotions

So this MSU Fine Arts fracas is going real crazy. Chandramohan won a stay of 5 days in jail and still counting. Courtesy BJP and VHP. The PVC[1] and VC[2] have suspended the dean[3]. They have also closed the exhibition. I think they were not invited to open the exhibition at the first place, that's what got them angry. Cos they could not light the lamp, they are adding fuel to the fire.

Somewhere else in India, there is an all-India protest about the whole issue. I wonder why Ahmedabad is not there in the picture.

Also, somewhere else Maneka Gandhi has gone all-human. She is trying to save the human creative aspect. Christ ! What will happen to all the animals. I guess human is an animal too, and some animals are more equal than the others.

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[1] - Trivia : PVC is used for foot-wear sole.
[2] - Trivia : VC stands for Vice - chancellor. Vice means bad habits.
[3] - Trivia : Dean, in Hindi, means helpless or something like that. You get the drift.

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