Sunday, June 24, 2007

NBA - Nation Bachao Aandolan

I have a new president nominee to save the nation, Mr Aamir Khan. He already has shown signs of revolutionizing the constitution. Last week, he went ahead and added one more basic right for every Indian.

Every Indian should own a DVD of Lagaan.

So now, Roti, Kapda aur Lagaan is the new mantra.

He has good credentials, He is a farmer by birth. No, I did not mean that he is dipping his samosas in Kissan ketchup but he is a Kisaan. Jai Lagaan, Jai Kisaan.

He can also fight corruption by bumping off politicians, does it rang any bell ?
Dam(n) it, he can also go and sit with NBA. Though his height may limit him from playing basketball.

And if he wins, expect a new hair-style[1] from him after the trend-setting Dr Kalam's curls which incidentally inspired another Khan in Tere Naam[2].

But wait, Mr Khan is known for disappearing from the public eye for years if he has no movie to release, so there may be a case where we don't see our president for next 5 years. Wish we can say the same for our other politicians !

If there is no other benefit than at least he won't be veiled in purdah whenever we get his glimpse.

The signs are too visible and he does make a very good candidate. Mr Aamir Khan is the right choice, Baby ! A-ha. After all, Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar.

Though my only concern is, does every Indian need to buy a DVD player too ?

[1] - He is going bald in his forthcoming movie oops..movieee I mean. Thanks Himesh !
[2] - I made this strand of connection between Salman Khan and Dr Kalam.

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