Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Uncrowning Glory!

So I don't know what is the big fuss about Taj. That people are going crazy or at least driving me crazy to vote for it as one of the seven wonders of the world.

How will my vote help ? I know the cliched answer, every vote counts.
But counts for what?
Will it make Agra a more tourist friendly place?
Will it make the Taj less prone to pollutants?
The only wonder I wonder about is how will it benefit with Taj being in the seven wonders of the world?
If I don't vote for Taj does it make it less beautiful?
Why do we associate cricket, or Oscars and now Taj with patriotism? Does it make me less patriotic (sic) if I don't vote for Taj.

For me, the beauty of Taj does not lie that it made into the list. Its beauty lies in full glory on a full moon or in break of dawn when the sun rises. Its beautiful when millions of Indians have hummed odes to Taj in Bollywood movies. Its beautiful when it brings the sense of awe and an insipiring smile on a face. Nevermind, all the hardships one faces because of the administrations.

I don't need the voting - the eight blunder of the world. Your seven blunder list may vary.
I don't need any third party list to say Arre Huzoor Wah Taj boliye !

But those who are still adamant or are keen on "voting" you can vote for Taj here. I am not voting for sure. If Taj loses by a vote, you know who was not patriotic enough.

Also, you can vote for Indion Idol or Voice of India or comedy Circus or Sa Re Ga Ma Pa if you are suffering from CVS (Compulsory Voting Syndrome). Alas, you can not vote for the President of India ! Sorry, tough luck.


Anonymous said...

Taj is in top 3.
I voted for it :)

Harshal said...

its late to comment, but anyway

i think it was important to vote as i would rather see TAJ coming on top of the list then some other thing.