Sunday, September 10, 2006

Adventures on a Saturday Night !

All you sneaky perverts who think that I will write here about my love life, can go take a hike here.
For the rest who are still around, I am talking about a show that I attended this saturday.

"If you have no great plans for the Saturday Night, please visit the Annual day celebrations of Visamo Kids", a non-verbatim gist of the mail I received on Friday. Normally, I am not the one who goes for any celebrations except of my dear and near ones ( geographically speaking). But this was different, not only because of who wrote this mail but also somewhere I blinked that I am going to have good fun. And of course, being in Gujarat, we value freedom a lot. Anything that is free is always welcomed and this being a free entry show was just an icing on the cake. So off went Tina and me to Tagore Hall.

Let me not go on to write an "aankho dekha haal" account cos in this case, seeing is believing. So what was it all about, Visamo kids foundation is about few children who have got everything in them to be a success except the opportunities. The organization tries to prepare them for such opportunties. And what these children have.... a dyslexic kid playing the protagonist in a drama on Lord Krishna or an amazing performance of Rajasthani folk dance that truly deserves an encore. Though my vote for the best act goes to the terrific foot tapping instrumental rendition of Tu hi meri shab hain.

The kids are bright and smart, and I am very sure that they will go on achieving much more. But these are just 40 kids. I am sure there are many more such talented prodigies all around India who are waiting for their Visamo Kids foundation. If they don't, we (the society) will suffer as much as they do.

I am not saying that do something about it as a charitable cause. Because to have a better society is not charity but a way of life.

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