Saturday, September 16, 2006

God is in Kuala Lumpur !

He came. He played. He conquered. India still lost due to draconian Duckworth(less) / Lewis rule.
A terrific 141 and yeah, he played right through the innings, albeit only for the second time in his 364 innings.

Harsha Bhogle in his column for Indian Express writes

He wanted to play this game far more than we wanted him to. This excitement, 18 years into his profession, separates him from those that, some days, look upon playing cricket as a job.

Today, He faces McGrath. Truly a contest that was long over due, the last time India played Australia was 2 years ago.

McGrath may think otherwise, but my 2 cents, Indians can expect a real treat !

On a side note, my friend Raoul talks about his (mis)-adventures on the green field. Though he still did not write whether his side won or lost. Or it does not matter.

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Raoul said...

You'd reckon if we'd won the match, it would at least have deserved an honourable mention, wouldn't you.

But as the wise man under the Bodhi tree once said 'Winning or losing is not important. What is important is to have breakfast'. Or something to that effect.