Sunday, September 17, 2006

Who am I ?

Who am I ?

The question that everyone wants answer of but I guess, very select few know the answer. Its the question that makes people go around the world and makes them do things that they feel will give them some iota of information about themselves.

Who am I ? I think therefore I am.

What I think ? I think myself to be a winner. I am a winner. I think I am a loser. I am a loser.

The mind plays trick on itself. Who is the mind trying to fool? Its playing games with itself and its fun. Let me join the fun.

Who am I ? I am the mind, and I am the body - the physical manifestation of the mind. Both complement each other.

Without the body, mind cannot see the effect of its trick and enjoy the show. Without the mind, its no show. And as the adage says, the show must go on and there is nothing like show business.

Who am I ? I am the show, I am the audience.

I am the joke and I am the joker. The world is a 24/7 live channel where everyone is playing a character, a character not of his own making but of his own willing.

This is madness, this is the world, this is life.

Who am i ? I am a mask of expression through which world expects me to show its own emotions.

I am the mirror where the world sees itself and sometimes laugh, sometimes cry, sometimes gets angry, or may be a little wild.

Who am I ? I am the best, I am the worst.

I form my own limits and rules which I try to break to achieve something and the same limit I don't want to cross at all cost so that I don’t destroy my creation.

Who am I ? I am the truth, I am the believer. I seek truth about my own existence, I believe somebody's vision about the existence of the world.

I am the day and the night, two sides of the same coin. The Yin and the Yang.

I am the statement and the contradiction.

I am the confusion and the clarity in the confusion.

Who am I ? The quest continues...


Raoul said...

Interesting. But a bit too nebulous for me, I'm afraid. Kind of reminded me of Lucky's speech in Waiting for Godot.

Tina said...

The blog name suits u perfect.
Daily I check it to find smthg new