Saturday, October 27, 2007

Breaking News!

Almost a decade ago, a movie tried to show mirror to the news TV channels. Not surprisingly, it bombed. Sometimes real life stalks reel life that its scary.

1. The chain smokers are protesting against "No Smoking"[1].
2. The PROs are complaining against "Laaga Chunri Mein Daag"
3. Somebody is investigating whether Indian team insulted the Indian Flag.
4. Tech Mahindra has come up with a "decent" dress code for its employees.
5. Gujarat government ordered for blank out of few news channel.
6. Principal of Mumbai college stopped some hundred students because they were dressed. Inappropiately, I must add. There is no nude college anywhere (?).
7. "Dharma" director fought against the adharm done to her by Eklavya. In a twist to the story, it was Eklavya who was wronged in Mahabharata.

So what does it tell you ?
(a) The electronic media is screwing up big time by promoting these stories as mainstream news. Some of them may merit a coverage but with relevance. In the past, it has gone more bizarre. In the process our judicial and news effectiveness graphs take a dip.
(b) The truth is out, we are a bunch of intolerant losers and not those oh-so-gentle-and-warm-ever-smiling-indians that has been projected by the world along with stories of snake-charmers and elephants.
(c) The future looks scarier. There is a progressive rise in the level of in-tolerance and mob mentality. Those who make it to the TV circus are the ones who are heard and seen and talked about. Especially, if you are looking to make your point and whatever that may be.

[1] - I could not get source on the web for this one. I saw it on some news programme.

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