Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chemical Locha

The nuclear deal is no big deal. Thanks to leftist coolants. Its no more a deal. Almost, unless there is some fission in the Communists and some isotopic Commies have fusion with the PM. Which in all Gaussian probability is zilch.

Here is where I don't understand the equation: With no great knowledge of nuclear science and political science, I can understand it makes lot of sense to go and sign the N-deal which gives India an alternate sources of energy. With minimal support, Indian has build reactors and done its nuclear tests which is commendable and now when we are on a verge of growing exponentially and energy is one of the needs that will be cornerstone of India's success. So what are these 40-50 babus are seeing that I am missing. The Red Flag Party is known for making this government red-faced. Its really ironic that CPI, CPM can see through the Himalaya and speak what China s but for US, they have created a Great Wall. I mean how can 40-50 people hold 1 billion for ransom.

Koi to chemical locha hain, Bapu. But you know what, this is my gut feeling in writing, the nuclear deal will happen, I don't know how. Its a mystery.

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